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Journey of Hope has compiled an extensive list of helpful resources. These resources encompass everything from free exam programs, medication assistance, advocacy, legal assistance and others who can help. Click the link below to view our growing list of resources to help.

Click here for a comprehensive list of our Community Resources.

Granting Organizations

The St. Agatha Foundation
Author, Bob
Insurance for a Cure

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Our Mission

Our Mission:
To provide immediate financial assistance for critical and urgent survival needs to support adult cancer patients and their families.

Journey of Hope (JOH) is an organization funding adult cancer patients who are desperate for financial assistance to fund basic survival needs while going through cancer treatments. Journey of Hope was founded in 1999, received non-profit status in 2001 and began funding patients in 2002. In their 10 year history, Journey of Hope has assisted over 1,200 cancer patients with their basic living needs.  The funding continues today....

Journey of Hope relies solely on contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations to continue their mission. Donations are greatly appreciated and easy to make. Simply click on the "Donate" button at the top of this page.